Curse of the Succubus


It’s Halloween. And of course, there’s stories of were-wolves, vampires, and other scary creatures of the night. But one man learns first hand of another demon creature — one with irresistible seductive powers.

He meets a succubus. But not any ordinary one. A normal succubus feeds on a man’s life force, slowly killing him. But centuries ago, a different lineage of succubi evolved. These women didn’t want to have to kill their prey just to survive. So these special new “were-women” found a way to feed on a man’s masculinity and sexual power instead. But even that comes with risk. For if she drains too much at once, her prey completely and permanently transforms into a brand new female succubus — one that’s insatiably hungry and uncontrollably yearning for life-sustaining sex.

Even knowing this, the sex with his succubus lover is just too good. Can he resist her temptation? Can he hold back? Or will he let himself get dangerously close to feeding her all his masculine soul — and become a succubus just like her?

Note: This story was originally titled “Curse of the Were-Woman,” but was changed for clarification. These were-women are a unique species that stay in female form at all times. The part-time were-women (who only transform during a full moon) belong to a separate lineage.


Something … “unusual” … happened to me this Halloween.

Halloween landed on a Wednesday this year, so most people had their parties over the weekend. I went to a few of them. My girlfriend threw a party at her rich step-dad’s house. He owned a small mansion on 30 acres of land. Only about a hundred people showed up. By night’s end, they were nearly all drunk. About a dozen people were swimming in the pool – half with their clothes on, the other half completely naked. Some people were passed out in random places — the couch, the floor, one of the guest beds, and I think I saw one person sleeping in the driveway. Others were making out with total strangers wherever they could find a little privacy – or right in front of everybody. They didn’t seem to care.

Nicole, my girlfriend, got really hammered too. She’s such a slut when she’s drunk. Normally I like that about her, but not when there’s other drunk dudes around trying to get into her pants. She eventually found herself kneeling before the porcelain god. Her best friend, Sara, held her hair back while she puked.

Nicole went to a different school than me. I tried transferring, but it’s really hard to get into that university – and it’s really expensive. Her step-dad was an alumni and made regular donations to the school. I wasn’t surprised one bit when she got admitted and I didn’t. Oh well. Anyway, I only got to see her on weekends. Sometimes during the week I’d drive the three hours to see her, but between work and school, that usually was just not possible. Still, she’s hot, and worth hanging on to, so we made it work.

At least, we tried to. This particular weekend she was busy looking for a Halloween costume, and hanging out with her bestie Sara, and decorating the entire mansion for the big party. Then when I saw how hammered she got half way through the party, and how she ended up in front of the toilet bowl puking her guts out, I knew I’d be lucky if I got any action at all this weekend.

Nicole didn’t know her limits. First she drank. They she got a little tipsy and flirty. That’s how we met. At a club. If she kept drinking, and she usually did, she turned into a total slut. That was how we first hooked up. But if she keeps going, and yes, she usually does – she ends up puking for a while, and then is too tired to do anything, and just wants to go to bed. Alone. If she doesn’t find a bed, she’ll make one wherever she’s sitting, and just pass out there until morning.

It’s catching her at that right sweet spot that’s the trick. And it looked like I just missed it.

I was waiting all week to see her. Nicole’s always worried I’m going to cheat on her with some other girl, because I go to a different school. But honestly, I’ve been faithful so far. It’d be a lot less tempting, though, if we made the most of our time when we actually were together.

I watched Sara carry her up to her room. It was definitely over. Any chance of sleeping with my girlfriend this weekend completely out the window. She had puked up enough. She was about to pass out until morning.

But the next day was Monday. And I had to be back in my town, for work and school. It would’ve been nice if she at least said good-bye to me. A little kiss or something. Anything. A quick hand job if she wasn’t too exhausted.

I had a thought… Maybe I could wait a few minutes, go up to her room, sneak in, and take care of my needs. Even if she was passed out. But no. That’d just be wrong. I’m not so desperate that I’d rape my unconscious drunk girlfriend. I have limits. I have morals. Geez. How could I even think something like that? I must be more desperate than I realized. But… there’s other ways to take care of my needs. At home. By myself.

So I decided to leave the party then, since there was no point in staying any longer. Especially since the other drunk, half-naked girls at Nicole’s party were looking a little too tempting for me. I wasn’t going to cheat on Nicole. I’m not that kind of guy.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that was the last time I’d ever see my girlfriend. Well, at least, not when I had any chance of… well… it’s a long story.

Anyway, Monday turned out to be pretty uneventful. Same for Tuesday. Just work and school. Boring homework. Annoying customers. I was a server at a local restaurant. A place called “Honey Drops”. It’s like an Applebee’s or T.G.I. Friday’s, but with more specialty desserts and locally-owned. It’s a job, but the tips pay for school and rent. Tuesday night I had a closing shift, so I got home really late. My feet were killing me, I was exhausted, and all I wanted to do was crash onto my bed and pass out. And I did. Still wearing my dirty uniform and everything.

But the next day… that was when everything began to change.

And it all started because of Nicole.

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