Sweet Revenge


Jacob and Hank were best friends since high school. But after he loses self-control and sleeps with Hank’s hot fiancee, Jacob will learn that revenge is a dish best served in panties. He has no idea that Hank’s invitation to the Gentleman’s Ideal Recreational Life (G.I.R.L.) Center is about to change his life — and their relationship — forever.


They drove down the Los Angeles freeway in a brand new Lamborghini Gallardo. Banana yellow. Black leather interior. Smooth. Elegant. Sexy. The car fit them like a glove and drove tighter than a virgin’s pussy.

In the passenger seat was Jacob. Decent-looking guy. Wearing high-end sweat clothes. His gym bag was in the back trunk. His buddy, Hank, the proud owner of this sexy car, also wore some sweat clothes, but had more than just a gym bag in the trunk.

It had been several weeks since the “incident.” Jacob hadn’t seen or talked with Hank the entire time. It wasn’t until this morning when Hank abruptly called him up out of the blue and suggested they go to the club for a little friendly workout.

Hank had picked him up from his house in Woodland Hills. But the car ride had been uncomfortably quiet so far.

“Hey man,” Jacob finally said, breaking the awkward silence. “So… no hard feelings, right?”

“What?” he asked, acting all ignorant. “Oh that? Don’t worry about that. You and I go way back. Like, way, way back. How long have we known each other?”

“Junior year of high school,” Jacob said.

“Exactly!” Hank exclaimed. “Bros before hos, right?”

Jacob started to relax. “I’m glad to hear that, man. I was worried, you know, because…”

“Because she was my fiancee? The girl of my dreams?” Hank laughed, rolling his eyes. “Whatever man. LA’s full of hot, beautiful young women. Your little indiscretion together just showed me how unfaithful she really was. Don’t worry, my friend, you did me a favor.”

He smiled. Let out of sigh of relief. “Okay, good. Because I thought maybe…”

“I’d hold a grudge? Come on, Jacob, you know me better than that!”

But Jacob did know him better than that. Hank was known for his ruthless, cutthroat, takes-no-prisoners, shows-no-mercy tactics in business. It had served him well. Hank owned three production companies, a real estate investment firm, and an international export business on the side. He was as ruthless as he was successful; as determined as he was unforgiving. Nothing stopped him from getting what he wanted.

And that included Heather, a woman he used to call the girl of his dreams. She was perfect for him. Everything he said he had ever wanted. Young, beautiful, a nympho in the bedroom but a lady in public. Gorgeous strawberry-blonde hair, green eyes, tight body, perfect breasts. The only thing she didn’t have, apparently, was loyalty to him.

Jacob never intended to steal her away. It just sort of happened. He and Hank were good friends. Best friends, even. He was never as rich or successful as Hank, but they still did some business deals together from time to time. He hung out at Hank’s mansion a lot too. The Olympic-size pool was a favorite spot to relax, talk business, or just hang out. And one day, when Hank was away at a lunch meeting with some investors, it was just Jacob and Heather, hanging out by the pool, on a beautiful summer day.

She looked so beautiful in that swimsuit. Water rolling down her breasts. Wet hair. That irresistible body. Jacob never meant for anything to happen.

It started out innocently enough. She invited him to join her for a swim. But he didn’t bring a change of clothes. She called him a coward, playfully, of course. So he stripped down and jump in, all-natural. It wasn’t the first time. Sometimes late night wrap parties, after everyone had consumed enough alcohol, often led to naked and semi-naked dips in the pool. Heather had seen Jacob naked once before. Along with a couple models, a celebrity or two, and a bunch of other random people. So he thought nothing of it when it was just the two of them now.

But one thing led to another. Her top came off. She giggled playfully at his boner. Teased if he needed a “hand” with that. And suddenly, somehow, they were kissing. And then… next thing he knew, he was fingering her. It wasn’t long before her suit bottom was floating next to them. And he pulled her closer. She opened her legs and hopped up on him, hanging on his shoulders in the water. His aching dick slid inside her. And there was no sense in holding back now. They’d already gone this far.

So they didn’t stop. At all.

Not in the pool.

Not again, in the living room.

Nor a third time, in the master bedroom.

And that was when Hank came home.

They were caught, naked together, in his own bed.

Hank was furious. He couldn’t believe the betrayal. His own best friend. With his fiancee. Whom he had given everything to. He immediately kicked Jacob out of the house — leaving his clothes still out by the pool.

Jacob, the so-called “friend,” had to walk half a mile stark naked to a neighbor’s house, where he asked the house cleaning lady to call him a cab. And as for Heather, Hank yelled and screamed at her for quite a while, calling her an unfaithful, ungrateful, undeserving slut and whore. He never wanted to see her again. Ever.

At the time, she was an up-and-coming actress and model in Hollywood. But after that day, she suddenly found herself blacklisted from all the major studios and agencies.

Hank was as ruthless as he was wealthy.

So when Hank called up Jacob this morning out of the blue — suddenly friendly and calm — it came as a surprise. Yes, they did go way back. They’d known each other and been close friends for many years. But … Hank wasn’t known to forgive and forget.

Still, maybe this was a chance to reconcile. Guys resolve their issues differently. Maybe they just needed to play a few competitive sports, hit the gym, work out that anger and aggression… Jacob would let him win. He was smart enough to know to do that. He wouldn’t make it obvious; he’d give Hank a good show. But in the end, he needed to let his friend be on top. And maybe that would help smooth things over.

“You’re gonna love this place,” Hank said.

“Thanks for inviting me, man, seriously.”

“It’s my pleasure. It’s been too long since we last hung out.”

“Yeah,” said Jacob.

“Let’s not let that happen again.”


Jacob wasn’t quite sure what that meant? Don’t let too much time pass again without hanging out? Or don’t have an affair with his girl again?

Either way, Jacob was glad not to be blacklisted. He was glad, in spite of his moment of poor self-control, they were still friends.

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