Super Hero

Sometimes when a person gets transformed, they acquire new super powers. Obviously some become heroes and use their newfound powers for the greater good — while others emerge as villains, using their powers to commit crimes, control others, and even one day rule the world. These stories are full of fantastic adventures across time and space, epic battles between good and evil, and — as you’d expect to find at Transformation Paradise — plenty of sex and nudity too.

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  • The Future of Mankind

    The Future of Mankind


    After inventing a time machine, Tim travels 10 years into the future and discovers a world filled with mutants, sex slaves, and an oppressive robot police force. Assumed to be a rebel, Tim is quickly captured and taken to the man himself–the evil dictator called Mastermind who’s enslaved the world. Mastermind punishes rebels by magically transforming them into his own personal female sex slaves. Tim will soon meet that very fate, unless he can find a way to escape–and be the one to go back in time and save the future.