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Transformation Paradise publishes page-turning, character-driven stories with things like:

  • male-to-female gender transformations
  • mind control
  • magic & mythology
  • all-new super heroes
  • sci-fi/fantasy adventures
  • …mixed with some tasteful sex & nudity

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Intended for ages 18 and older.

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  • Body Transformations

    Body Transformations (30)

    Transformation stories feature one or more characters who are literally "transformed" -- in body, mind, and/or soul. They become someone or something new. Perhaps they're turned into the opposite sex, a mythological creature, humanoid animal, or inanimate object. Anything and everything is possible here. The only real question is who will be transformed -- and more importantly, into what?
  • Mental Manipulations

    Mental Manipulations (10)

    Sometimes transformations have less to do with the external body -- and everything to do with the person's mind, heart, behavior, and soul. These stories focus on that. Imagine if you could control what someone thought or felt. How they behaved. Whether they were good or evil, a chaste virgin or an insatiable slut, or simply obedient to your every wish. Would you desire to be the one in control -- or the one being controlled?
  • Super Powers & Special Abilities

    Super Powers & Special Abilities (8)

    Sometimes when people get transformed, they acquire a new "special ability" or "super power." Some unique ability, gift, or power that makes them more than an ordinary mortal human. These are their stories -- whether they be a hero, a villain, or somewhere in between.
  • Other Sci-Fi/Fantasy Erotica

    Other Sci-Fi/Fantasy Erotica (3)

    These stories are what some people might called "niche" erotica. Generic erotica is just "boy and girl meet, have sex, the end." Yawn. These stories, however, include that plus a little bit of the fantastic, mysterious, strange, or adventurous... all leading up to, surrounding, and/or as part of the overall "erotic" experience. Take a look below and see what interests you. Everybody's got their own unique kinks, fantasies, and playful desires. Maybe some of yours are right here.
  • Universes

    Universes (11)

    Some stories are related, connected, and share the same universe. Take a look below and see what world you want to live in.
  • Genres

    Genres (31)

    Looking for stories filled with magic and fantasy? How about something more high-tech within science-fiction? Maybe you're more in the mood for a little romance or a holiday-themed story.

    Whatever you're into, whatever you're feeling right now -- select your favorite genre below.

  • Ebook Size

    Ebook Size (31)

    In the mood for something quick or are you looking for a longer story with a bigger world to really lose yourself in? In this case, size really does matter. View ALL stories according to their length. Find the right size for you.

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  • Desperate Measures


    After an accidental plague nearly wipes out all women on Earth, governments keep the remaining few females in safe seclusion and implement a mandatory breeder program. But it’s still not enough to keep the human race alive or prevent all-out war. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    So scientists create a radical solution that transforms men into women — and use a chemical concoction of mind control drugs, libido-enhancing hormones, and genetic engineering to turn them into super breeders.

    But when not enough men volunteer for the program, the government must take additional steps to find the breeders they need — whether the participants are willing or not.

  • Forest Kin


    A weekend camping trip changed two men’s lives forever.

    James and Hank used to be best friends, but started to lose touch over the years. Hank was in a serious long-term relationship. James got buried under work. But when Hank’s girlfriend unexpectedly dumped him and broke his heart, the two boys decided to take a camping trip together out in the woods, far away from it all.

    Honestly, neither were happy. Hank’s relationship had lost its magic a long time ago. And James was tired of the city life, burnt out and longing to spend more time in nature. That night, after setting up camp, James saw a shooting star and secretly made a wish.

    A wish that would grant his heart’s deepest desires — in a very unexpected way.

    Slowly, that night, his body began changing. Something magical was transforming him… into a blend, a mix, a new species of both human and deer. Granting him the opportunity, the choice, to live as either a tame man or a wild animal, free to live out in nature forever. But his body also continued changing in other ways… gradually and unstoppably becoming more and more feminine from head to toe. And James knew one thing: if this was going to be his fate, he didn’t want to be alone. So he made one more wish on a final shoot star — for his best friend Hank.

  • Christmas Wish


    While working retail on Black Friday, Sam meets a mysterious, beautiful girl who wants to know his secret Christmas wish. That night, Sam magically finds himself at the North Pole, where Santa has a special plan for him to spread a lot of happiness and joy in the world — but only after Sam undergoes a few magical changes first.

    A holiday-themed male-to-female gender transformation story.

  • Bender Babes


    Jim’s got a secret. He’s a “Bender babe” — a man who recreationally takes a new pill called “Bender” that temporarily transforms him into the opposite sex for 24 hours. He enjoys being a girl. But conservative groups are against Bender and if his boss ever found out about this little habit, it could ruin Jim’s career and reputation. So Jim only uses Bender on the weekends in private — that was, until his roommate found out, and made a certain deal with Jim to keep this a secret.

  • Accidental Sex Doll


    Max and Ashley were the best of friends. Too much of friends. When Max asked Ashley out, she turned him down, keeping him in the Friend Zone.

    But Max’s new roommate knows a few spells — and may have one to change her feelings towards him. But magic’s hard to control or predict. And when Ashley’s body begins transforming in unexpected ways… her fate as a life-size inanimate rubber sex doll may already be sealed.

    This isn’t what Max intended or wanted at all. Do they attempt to cast another spell to try to reverse this and change her back — and risk causing some other unplanned side effect that’s even worse?

  • How To Be A Better Man


    Alison is a sexual harassment counselor who's secretly a witch. She specializes in mind control magic, turning ill-behaved men into model employees. David, a low level worker from the IT department, is being forced to see her today for his repeat offenses against countless women in the company. To him, they are little more than sex objects. But Alison decides it's time to teach him a lesson — showing him first hand what it means to be one.

  • TG Slave Girl


    Ryan and his new boss don't see eye to eye. Ryan believes women should be treated as equals; his boss, on the other hand, is convinced all women are much happier as submissive, obedient sex slaves. And to prove his point, he traps Ryan and uses an experimental mind control device to “convince” him of the truth — while simultaneously injecting Ryan with a serum designed to transform him into a girl.

  • Project Eden


    Timmy and his best friend Mick are recent college grads in desperate need of a job. But when they apply for work through the Avalon Agency, they suddenly find themselves stranded alone in a lush tropical paradise on an alien planet, with no way back home. They soon realize this is a new Garden of Eden — and a mysterious god has chosen them to be this world's Adam and Eve.

    There's just one problem. They're both guys. But for an all-powerful god determined to start a new world, that's easy to fix. Slowly and without warning, one of them begins subtly transforming into the opposite sex. They futilely search for a way back to Earth, racing against time, fighting against fate — only to learn that it's never wise to curse one's own god.

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